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A software suite of reservations, accounting, and business management applications designed for the mid-sized business that needs sophistication and speed in a technologically sound product.
Reservations, accounting, and management

An efficiently managed reservations department is a key requirement to achieve success in customer perception, sales, and satisfaction, while controlling costs through accurate resource planning in delivering your products and services.
Completely customizable

RezWare is easy to modify and customize resulting in ease in use, higher revenues and lower costs.  The added benefit is dramatically improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Simple & intuitive interface

Built for speed and reliability, RezWare's straight forward user interface combines usability with simplicity which makes it the smart choice for reservations and ticketing businesses.
Everything from airlines to hotel

From airlines to hotels the RezWare suite includes over a hundred management functions and seven optional booking modules that allow you to maximize your operationals.
Industry leading service & support

Our industry leading service & support is what really makes the RezWare suite start apart from the rest. We know you require reliablility, which is why RezWare is so popular, but it is the assurance that we are always available for assistance.
Manage from anywhere using your mobile device

RezWare Mobile has all of the power and features of RezWare 8, all in the palm of your hand. Use your Android, iPod or iPad to create and manage your reservation and ticketing needs.
We get it

No matter what your size, we can help your business grow. Our customers have annual revenues ranging from half a million to over $1 Billion with reservation bookings of 5,000 to 500,000 customers.  If you are just starting out, we know the challenges you are facing.  And if you have been around the block, we can take you to the next level.
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Not sure of which suite is right for you? Learn more about the individual software packages we offer. Want to know more about iRez Systems before becoming a client? Learn more about our company.