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iRez Systems is small business with big ideas and it's our team that makes us great! With experts in just about every field imaginable, you can trust that we know how to make your user experience the best it can be.

Liz, an owner at iRez Systems, acts as CEO, CFO and head of Human Resources. A vital part of our company, Liz cooridinates our two offices and manages the team. She recieved her education from Hofstra University and in her free time loves to paint. Liz has been with iRez from the start and uses her expertise to keep our customers happy!

Frank is an owner here at iRez Systems and acts as the CTO. When he's not answering phones to assist customers, he's visiting our East or West coast colocation centers. He recieved his education from Virginia Commonwealth University and loves the outdoors.

Gordon is an Implementations Engineer at iRez Systems. You can usually find him assisting customers with installations, managing Rezweb improvements, and keeping your data safe on our servers. He went to the North Carolina State University and studied Computer Science. Gordon currently lives in Las Vegas and enjoys travelling around the country.


Pamela is head of the accounts department here at iRez Systems. She has worked with iRez for almost fifteen years! Balancing the books and being a genius with numbers makes Pamela a valuable asset to our team. Pamela lives in Charlottesville, Virginia and loves to hike in her free time.


Juan is a Software Developer here at iRez Systems. He has been with iRez for over ten years and has been involved in almost every major release! Juan works primarily with RezWare 8 and knows the system inside and out. He lives in Miami and when he's not working you can usualy find him at the beach.


Roger is a Software Developer for iRez Systems. He is involved in the RezWeb project and is an experienced web designer. Roger has been with iRez from the beginning and uses that knowledge to provide support for legacy Rezware versions and create new features that help make our software work better for you. Roger lives in Miami with his brother and two dogs.

Peter is a Software Developer at iRez Systems and is involved in the custom design of modules in Rezware7. Whenever our customers need a new report or different function Peter's our guy. He often visits customers on location to devise improvements to the reservation flow specific to the customer. Peter lives in Miami and his favorite part of the city is its food.

Tom is a Software Engineer who assists our in-house developers test new versions and updates. Tom has been working with iRez for almost five years and helps us ensure that your customer experience is as simple and easy to understand as possible. He's also responsible for translating RezWare for our international customers. Gracias Tom!

Boris is a Computer Engineer who maintains the iRez Systems servers in our East Coast facility. He provides quick support and helps our developers interface with new hardware. On call 24/7, Boris ensures our customers enjoy 99% uptime on hosted applications.
Since its origin in 1992, iRez Systems has provided superior reservation solutions for our clients. Professionals across the reservation and travel industry count on iRez Systems to deliver lasting solutions with a wide spectrum of government and commercial clients. Let us help you, contact us today.